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Red Date Ginger Tea



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Red Date Ginger Tea

A blend of red dates, ginger, longan and brown sugar.  Just add 10 oz of hot water, stir and give yourself a hug.
Caffeine Free



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"I love Red Root Shop.  I used to make my own ginger tea at home, but it would take some time and prep.  Red Root Shop makes everything so easy and the ginger tea tastes so fresh!  Love this product.”

Patricia W



Common Queries

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How do I make this tea?

1 cube makes 1 cup of tea.  Just drop the cube in hot water, stir and enjoy.

Can I add more than 10 oz of hot water?

Yes, please adjust to your liking.

Can I eat the pieces of ginger, red dates and longan in the tea?


Is Red Root Shop's ginger tea caffeine free?